Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making sense of Common Sense!

A humble request to job seekers.

In this world of internet and high speed communication, job seekers communicate a lot through email with potential employers as well as others who help out with finding a job. On an average, I get about ten requests from people who seek jobs and who are looking out for employees. 
Of course, this is a great business opportunity for me, i know! but time doesn't allow me to take this into another venture like "facebook"!

I am noticing this common mistake people do for a long time. An alarming majority of job seekers send their resumes with the file named as "resume' or "bio".
If you look at a prospective employer's email inbox and a folder he uses to store these resumes, it is a disaster to handle 100 word files with the same file name!!
This is not rocket science. Please name the file with your name on it!

Second problem: There are people who dont have the latest version of MS word to open files with .docx extension. Recently I had to install the latest version of MS office just to read a file which came in by email!!
Maybe, it is better to save resume files in .doc format which can be read in lower versions of MS office. 
yes, I expect some answers to this problem  and the comments this blog will make: If my 'prospective employer' doesn't have MS Office 2012, then I should not be working there!

Personally, I prefer resumes in PDFs!


Gaurav M said...

Nice tips! sir :- )

harada57 said...
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