Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whose lifetime is it?

Lifetime validity: dead or alive?

There are so many offers from mobile phone service providers which offer "Lifetime" validity of a new phone connection. They say that you can receive calls for a "lifetime", without charging your prepaid account. Happy and impressed customers flocked to get these schemes. You pay the minimum initial activation fee, a minimal top up and there you go! we can receive calls for a lifetime!
We never thought about this question: Whose "Lifetime" are they talking about?

1. "Lifetime" of the person who takes the prepaid connection?

2. "Lifetime" of the company who sells the account?

3. "Lifetime" of the mobile phone instrument?

4. "Lifetime" of the man who owns the mobile company?

If the answer is 1. then how will the company know when a customer is dead?

Confusion at its best.

I asked many of my friends this question, no body knew.

Then I came across Mr. Hebatpuria, our Reiki Master who gave out the "secret".
Lifetime means lifetime of the "particular license" under which a mobile company sells the pre paid connection to you.
If by chance, the license expires a year after you take this scheme, the "Lifetime" ends there!
Many mobile companies take full use of the "fine print" feature and puts a fine catch there. You have to recharge for a minimum of Rs 200/- every year to keep your "Lifetime" connection alive!


*conditions apply ;-)